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AIML@LU in Almedalen 2019 on AI in Fake News


From: 2019-07-04 15:00 to: 16:00
Place: Hästgatan 13, Visby
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Thursday, July 4, 2019, AIML@LU arranges a seminar on AI to create and counteract fake news in advocacy.

Abstract: False news and propaganda have been used as tools in advocacy in all ages; first in speech, text and illustrations; from the erly 20 century in retouched photos and then in film and radio. With digital technology, the possibility of spreading targeted messages increases. With more or less autonomus AI technologies, it becomes even easier for people to fake text, image and film, as the phenomenon of "deepfakes" illustrates. In the future, it is not certain that we can safely distinguish between true and false information based on what we see and hear. Based on ongoing social science, ethnographic and technological research, we talk about the relationship between AI technologies and false news. We discuss how AI can be used to create and spread credible but false information but also about the possibility of using AI algorithms to reveal, neutralize and / or counteract disinformation.

Spoken language: Swedish

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