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AIML@LU – Contact & Contribute

You are welcome to contact the AIML@LU through any of the members of the coordination group.

Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, European Studies

Jutta Haider, Division of ALM

Maria Hedlund, Political Science

Stefan Larsson, Technology and Society

Jonas Ledendal, Business Law

Jacek Malec, Computer Science

Mattias Ohlsson, Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Robert Willim, Digital Cultures

Jonas Wisbrant, Computer Science

Kalle Åström, Mathematical Imaging

You can also reach the network through

How to contribute to the network
– and benefit

Contribute to the personal networking

  • Participate in events and workshops.
    Events are announced in web calendars and through the mailing lists.
  • Invite people to AIML events
  • Recommend people to register to the network as such through the web form.

Industry or public sector staff specifically

  • Recommend events and the network as such to colleagues
  • Engage in the open reference group that will meet in connection with major AIML-event
  • Pay attention to invitations to participate in research projects
  • Try to influence the planed commissioned educations in the AIML area

Lund university staff specifically

Below is a short introduction to how Lund University staff may contribute to and benefit from the AIML-network.

1. Contribute to the web

  • info and links to AIML courses
  • short descriptions of research areas or research groups
  • news or links to news 
  • calendar events!
  • ask to be listed at – via the webform
  • links to AIML-related web sites at LU

How: Email to

2. Contribute to the AIML network object in the Research Portal through LUCRIS
Some content in LUCRIS is re-published at

  • Get affiliated by asking anyone who already is affiliated – or send an email to
  • Add up to three of your favourite AIML publications
  • Affiliate AIML- research projects to AIML
  • Affiliate open AIML Software and applications

3. Invite to AIML related events and workshops that you would arrange anyway – or create new events and workshops. Contact Kalle Åström for funding or for visibility in calendars or distribution of invitations via the moderated sendlists.

4. Contribute to the development and implementation of our upcoming commissioned educations

5. Invite guest speakers to your lectures
The webpage could be a starting point.

6 Invite participants to guest lecturers

7. Co-design research projects proposals

8. Suggest more ways to contribute :-)